[TPSA20-06]TSRC Bounty Announcement of February, 2020


In February 2020, a total of 63 security experts reported eligible security issues to Tencent. We recognizes the value external security researchers can bring to Tencent, and we welcome and seek to reward eligible contributions from security researchers. We will offer various rewards besides the regular security coins.

According to the regulations of Tencent Bug Bounty Project, our monthly special reward goes to AntiSocial_Eng, pytho1n and b1ngz. An extra cash reward of 30000 RMB will be granted to AntiSocial_Eng, 20000 RMB will be granted to pytho1n and 10000 RMB to b1ngz for their high-quality findings.

Thank you for making the world a safer place.