[TPSA18-1]TSRC Temporary Reward Regulations (applicable only to International Plans)


0x00 About Security Coin

1) Tencent Security Response Center (TSRC) provides a virtual currency, TSRC Security Coin, which is referred to as SecCoin in below texts.
The value of One SecCoin equals that of five CNY.
2) SecCoins can be earned by submitting vulnerabilities, the amount of which is calculated by multiplying the specific assessment score of the vulnerability with the corresponding grading coefficient. The amount of SecCoins will be accumulated and unused ones will not expire unless otherwise stated.
3) SecCoins can be used to exchange cash rewards from TSRC
4) The corresponding amount of SecCoins will be deducted after redemption.

0x01 About Vulnerability Assessment Standard

According to the severity, a reported vulnerability will be graded on the following 5-tier scale: critical, high, moderate, low and non-qualifying. The detailed criteria for assessment are listed below. 

Rating: 9-10, SecCoin: 1080~1200
Extra cash reward (Currency: CNY)
a) 30,000 CNY - 100,000 CNY: Critical vulnerabilities in key Tencent mobile applications (Mobile QQ for Android / iOS, Wechat and QQ Browser for Android / iOS)
b) 10,000 CNY - 30,000 CNY: Critical vulnerabilities in Tencent web applications and key desktop applications (Tencent QQ standard version for desktop user) 

Rating: 6~8, SecCoin: 360~480
Extra cash reward (Currency: CNY)
10,000 CNY - 30,000 CNY: High-quality vulnerabilities in key Tencent mobile applications (Mobile QQ for Android / iOS, Wechat and QQ Browser for Android / iOS) 

Rating: 3~5, SecCoin: 45~75 

Rating: 1~2, SecCoin: 9~18
Rating: 0

0x02 About cash reward

1) The exchange of cash reward is recommended when the personal account has 1500 or more SecCoins.
2) The conversion rate for local currency will be based on the exact rate when we make the payment. Since the payment requires a certain processing time, the change of the conversion rate during that period may result in the change of the final payment as well. TSRC will not compensate should there be any loss due to the change of conversion rate.

Thank you for helping keep Tencent and our users safe!
Detailed Policy can be seen in: https://en.security.tencent.com/uploadimg_dir/other/TSRC_Evaluation_and_Rewards_Terms.pdf
If you have anything in doubt, feel free to contact us at security@tencent.com!